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Tuesday June 19, 2018 at 2:37pm Age: 249 days
Category: Minisink Elementary, District


Some people spend a lifetime planning to write a book, someday. But a group of second graders at MV Elementary couldn’t wait to get started.

Their teachers, Mrs. Mankoo and Mrs. Padavano, collaborated to develop an informational text writing unit. The students began by researching and becoming experts on a topic of their choice, consulting the Britannica site through Orange-Ulster BOCES.

Armed with their new, specialized knowledge, the students developed a rough draft, created T-charts to examine pros and cons, identified logical relations with Venn diagrams, used flow charts, parallel illustrations and other graphic organizers, edited their text, and published their first book—complete with a table of contents and vocabulary.

Mrs. Mankoo’s class also recorded their book on the Vocaroo website and created a QR code that will replay the students reading their stories, on demand.

As a culmination of their hard work, the children shared their writing pieces with each other, and with special visitors, Mr. Monahan, superintendent, Mr. Ranaudo, superintendent of curriculum and instruction, and Ms. Fitzgerald, school principal.