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Wednesday June 20, 2018 at 9:23am Age: 248 days
Category: High School, District


CONGRATULATIONS to Minisink Valley’s first, high school graduates recognized with New York State’s Seal of Biliteracy! The program encourages the study of languages by recognizing graduating students who attain a high level of proficiency in one or more languages, in addition to English.

Among Minisink’s Class of 2018, the state’s Biliteracy Seal will be affixed to the high school diplomas of sixteen students: Brittany Ruff, Samantha Evans, Mark Dyman, William Schiele, Ashley Scott, Yadais Trinidad Colon, Liana Ramirez, Nicholas Mikulski, Adriana Melendez Alprecht, Crystal Hernandez Linares, Sydney Brennan, Emily Andryshak, Tianna Popstein, Layla Megna, Brandon Bell, and Cassandra Logedo.

“I applied for the Seal of Biliteracy because I have always loved Spanish and taken pride in being able to speak it, in addition to English,” Brittany Ruff said. “I think it’s so useful to know multiple languages, especially when you live in a melting pot like the United States. I will continue to pursue Spanish in the future, but I’m glad to have something to show my interest and success in the language throughout high school.”

Joining other schools in the region, Minisink Valley began offering the NYS Seal of Biliteracy to high school students in 2017-18. To qualify, students must demonstrate proficiency in English and a second, target language. For English as New Language (ENL) students, English is their target language. Pathways to the Seal include Regents scores, classroom grades, and/or proficiency demonstrated by international transcripts. 

Students were also required to write a research paper on the importance of biliteracy in today’s world and present in their target language to a committee of teachers and administrators. This year’s group presented in English, Spanish, French, and Russian.

“I believe learning a foreign language is one of the most useful skills one can learn,” Nicholas Mikulski said.”My ability to speak Spanish has offered me many opportunities, and I know it will lead to many more in my future. As I head off to college, I’m going to continue studying the language as one of my two majors.”