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Wednesday August 8, 2018 at 2:40pm Age: 1 year
Category: Middle School, District


This summer’s Project Cooperation at the middle school served 200 incoming students, with the help of 42 high school peer leaders—and a host of volunteers. This school-funded, three-day program (Aug. 6-8) is exclusively designed to prepare sixth graders to make the leap to the middle school in September.

A word from program coordinators…

“This is a unique opportunity for Otisville and Minisink graduates to get to know one another,” said Jennifer Pagnanella who coordinates the project with fellow English teacher, Nick Prezioso. “It goes a long way in easing the anxiety of starting over in a new building, with new peers and personnel.”

All indoor and outdoor activities are also designed to promote team-building, develop leadership skills, and boost the students’ sense of self-esteem.

Student reviews…

• “This is so much fun and a good place to meet new friends.” ‒ Caitlin Anton

• “It’s fun and educational at the same time.” ‒ Josephine Kessler

• “It’s really exciting to be going into sixth grade.” ‒ Madeline Scheuermann

WELCOME to the middle school! 


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