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Thursday November 1, 2018 at 11:05am Age: 172 days
Category: Middle School, District


Many Minisink Valley Middle School teachers, like sixth-grade math teacher Joanna Browning, incorporated a Halloween theme into their lessons on Oct. 31.


The day’s math lesson was an introduction to ratios. In mathematics, a ratio is a relationship between two numbers indicating how many times the first number contains the second.


Each student received an individual bag of M&M's (or Skittles for any student with a nut or milk allergy). They used the candies to show their understanding of ratios by writing the correct ratio depending on what was being requested.


For example, Ms. Browning, explained, students were asked to show the ratio of blue to orange, red to green, blue and red to brown, and yellow to the total number of candies, and so on.


“Each student was able to generate different ratios as each individual bag contained various amounts of colors,” she said. “Throughout the lesson, the students were periodically instructed to eat one, two or three pieces of their data to create different ratios throughout the class period.”


Students also demonstrated their mastery of a previous lesson on greatest common factor (GCF) by reducing the ratios they created into simplest form.


The greatest number that is a factor of two (or more) other numbers. When student finds all the factors of two or more numbers, and some factors are the same ("common"), then the largest of those common factors is the “greatest common factor.”


“Who knew,” Ms. Browning added, “ratios could be so yummy?”