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Events in Physical Education

Physical Education Department

Director of Physical Education and Athletics

Tim Bult                           

H.S. Physical Education Department Chair

Kevin Gallagher                          



Nicholas Emanuele

Kelly McGoldrick

Steven Sorrentino                             

John Stephens                           

Danielle Zamorski                             

Pool Director

Meghan Donnelly                       


Physical Education Procedures

1. Student Arrival:

Students must arrive in the gym area before the late bell. They will then have approximately 5 minutes to change and prepare for class.

2. Changing Procedures:

Students MUST change from school clothes into appropriate P.E. attire. This includes sneakers and comfortable clothing such as shorts, tee-shirts, sweat-shirts, and sweat-pants appropriate for the environment of the activity. Sandals, boots, and casual foot wear including slippers are not permitted in P.E. classes. Inappropriate or provocative clothing as determined by school policy are also not permitted. Jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, belly button rings, rings, and bracelets are also not permitted in P.E. classes. Students who fail to change into acceptable clothing will not be permitted to participate in P.E. class. Students are required to change during class because they will sweat, so an appropriate level of hygiene should be maintained. 

3. Locker Assignment:

Each student will be assigned a locker to keep their P.E. clothing as well as regular school clothing in. Students are encouraged not to bring other books, valuables such as ipods, cell phones, or money into their P.E. lockers. All that should be in their lockers are their clothes. Locker combinations should not be shared with friends or classmates. Students are also encouraged not to bring their P.E. attire home unless it needs to be washed in which case they should bring in new P.E. attire before bringing home worn clothes. Students should remember to make sure that their locker is properly shut and locked before leaving from P.E. class.

4. Grades:

Students are assigned a P.E. period in which there is one lead teacher along with two or three other teachers. The lead teacher is the one that appears on the student’s schedule. Students in that period then select which activities and teachers they want during that period. This means the teacher on the student's schedule may or may not have the student in class depending on the selection process. However, all teachers in all periods will grade students based upon the following 5-point daily grading scale.

  • Proper and appropriate P.E. attire
  • Being on time for activity
  • Participation
  • Attitude/leadership/initiative
  • Performance/skill tests (when applicable)/written tests (when applicable)

Students receive a maximum of 5-points per day which is translated into a numerical grade at the conclusion of the 5 week period. At the conclusion of the 10 week period the two grades for that quarter are combined and averaged into a quarter grade.

5. Attendance/Make-up Policy:

Attendance is an intricate part of the P.E. curriculum. When a class is missed due to absence from school, music lessons, class trips, forgetting P.E. attire, or any other valid reason, the student may “make-up” a class. Classes missed due to unverified reasons like cutting class cannot be made up. Students who participate in school functions which pertain to physical activity will not be asked to make-up the class they miss during that activity. Students can make-up classes during their lunch or study hall periods only. They may make up one class per day and must make up the class within 2 weeks of missing that class. When making up a class students must follow the following procedure:

  • Get a pass from their ORIGINAL P.E. teacher PRIOR to making up the class.
  • Show the pass to the student's study hall teacher or lunch room monitor then arrive to the P.E. class on time.
  • Ask permission of the teacher in which the student wishes to make the class up with. 
  • Get a signed “Make-up” slip with a 5-point grade from the teacher they make the class up with.
  • Return the “Make-up” slip to their original P.E. teacher as soon as possible.

It is important that students follow this process while making up classes because all students must be accounted for throughout the school day.

6. Medical/Extended Absence:

Throughout the year circumstances arise where students may be absent from class for an extended amount of time due to injury, suspension or other reasons. These students are still held accountable for achieving a P.E. grade. In short term cases where students may be out of class for up to a week they can receive credit for the class by acting as a P.E. intern helping with equipment, score keeping, or refereeing. In long term cases where the student misses an extend amount of time they are required to complete the following assignment. Students will type a one page paper each week that they are absent from P.E. class containing the following criteria:

  • Typed, double spaced, using 12pt font and 1” margins.             
  • Topics must pertain to something physically active which will increase the student’s physical fitness and lifetime activities.      
  • Each week a different topic must be chosen. 
  • Papers must be handed in either when the student returns from their absence or at the completion of the quarter in order to receive a grade for that quarter.            
  • Papers will be original work of the student with at least 2 sources listed as references.  

Printable copy of Medical/OSS assignment

Printable copy of SAP assignment

7. High School Physical Education Philosophy:

At the high school level the focus in physical education classes gears more towards helping H.S. students find physical activities they enjoy doing. When a student discovers something they enjoy doing it is more likely they will continue to do that activity once school has concluded and they continue life where no one will force them to be physically active. For this reason our focus is to give students as much exposure to as many new activities as possible so that they may discover an activity they may not have necessarily previously liked. Although our curriculum does include skill development to achieve a certain level of performance, the focus is based on exposure and enjoyment of physical activity. Not all of our students will one day become professional athletes. The following are activities we currently offer:

Fall- Tennis, soccer, football, track & field, archery, aquatics, yoga, and project adventure.

Winter- Racquetball, floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, ping-pong, weight lifting, and team handball.

Spring- Aquatics, softball, Frisbee, tennis, track & field, golf, aerobics, and lacrosse.

Pool Hours and Requirements

All students regardless of grade are required to go in the pool for five weeks each school year (as stated in the school handbook).  Students should come prepared with a bathing suit and towel.  Showers are available to students in the locker rooms.  Students must make up any classes missed due to absences, chorus/band lessons, etc. in the pool.

The pool is open to the general public during certain hours (click link below to see days and times that the pool is open). When the school is closed for holidays or cancellations, the pool will also be closed.

Swim lessons are also offered during the month of July.