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Otisville Elementary School is a bully free zone.  As outlined in the Otisville Elementary Home School Handbook, students are expected to make Life’s Good Choices.  These rules apply to all areas of the building (classrooms, hall, cafeteria, gym, etc.) and on the playground:

      “Treat others the way you want to be treated”

  • I will be considerate of others as I walk through the school. 
  • I will speak kindly to others. 
  • I will listen while others speak. 
  • I will wait my turn. 
  • I will honor and respect other’s personal space and property. 
  • I will work to keep myself and my school neat and clean


Bullying is when a person says or does hurtful things to a person over and over again.  There are 4 types of bullying:

  • name calling (in person or online)
  • physical aggression (hitting, kicking, pushing)
  • spreading rumors (in person or online)
  • exclusion (in person or online)

Bullies are looking for a reaction, so it is best not to fight back.  Always tell an adult or another person who can help deal with the bully.   It is important to treat others the way you would like to be treated to prevent you from coming a bully, yourself.  

For Parents:  Brainpop, Jr. Bullying


Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place through technology.  It can happen on a computer, cellphone, or even gaming systems.  Cyberbullying includes posting embarrassing pictures, sending or posting mean messages, leaving someone out of online groups, and spreading rumors among other things.  

A cyberbully is looking for a reaction, so do not respond to the cyberbully.  Before deleting mean or inappropriate messages, always show it to an adult.  Always talk to an adult about what is happening.  

For Parents:  Top 5 Tips on How to Deal With Cyberbullying from    

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