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The Minisink Valley Central School District is a participant in the New York State Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program that is offered annually through a grant. 

UPK 2018-19 School Year

The UPK program offers a limited amount of spots to qualifying families residing in the school district. Parents of eligible four-year olds, choose one of the participating preschools within the school district. Once the parent selects their preschool of choice and the lottery is held by the school district, no UPK spots may be moved to another preschool.

Parents are encouraged to gather all necessary information and make sure the chosen preschool meets their needs. The Minisink Valley CSD UPK program provides participating preschools with funding for 1/2 day programs for five days a week.

The following steps are taken by the school district, in compliance with the NYS UPK regulations, regarding the student selection process:

  • A letter and application are sent to parents of all eligible preschool students. Once the district is notified that funding is approved, a list of eligible four year old children is generated from the district’s database.
  • Information regarding the UPK program is communicated to families via  mail sent directly to qualifying families.
  • Interested parents are asked to submit the UPK application to the district by a set deadline with their choice of preschool.
  • Diane Super, District Registrar, collects all completed UPK applications.
  • Names are randomly drawn through a lottery. UPK spots are allocated to preschools based on the results.
  • Parents are notified by letter or phone calls regarding “acceptance”/”no acceptance” into the UPK program.
  • Additional names are drawn on the same day to develop a waiting list for the UPK program.

The above steps create a random/equitable selection process and award every child an equal opportunity to enter into the UPK program.

The following agencies are contracted with and currently participate in the Minisink Valley CSD Universal Prekindergarten Program:

Field of Dreams

Little Learners Preschool

Little Munchkins Preschool

Slate Hill Preschool

To ensure that your child is in the district data base (census report), please contact Diane Super, the District Registrar at 355-5812.

Any questions related to the Minisink Valley Central School District Universal Prekindergarten Program may be addressed to Vincent Biele, UPK Coordinator/Principal Otisville Elementary School at 355-5851.

For More information regarding the NYS UPK program please visit the following link: